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Welcome to Le Bailliage de’ Victoria website. Whether you are a member of La Chaine des Rotisseurs or someone interested to know more about La Chaine we hope you enjoy browsing through the various topics offered.

The about us section portrays La Chaine des Rotisseurs as a global community whose focus is on friendship, camaraderie and sharing a passion for the culinary arts and gives the story of the foundation of the organisation as well as what we are doing in Victoria currently.

If you are interested in becoming a member, check out membership, costs and the process.

Recent events will showcase menus, venues and photographs of members, while upcoming events indicates the spread and variety of functions organised for the coming months.

ORDRE MONDIALE is a sub-group within the Chaine for members who are particularly interested in wines and the group organise four dinner a year.  Finally if you want to know even more see contact


Shirley Anderson
Bailli Regional Victoria